Slavica Zivkovic

Slavica Zivkovic

Slavica ZivkovicSlavica Zivkovic studied art the National Art School 1987-1989 majoring in Printmaking and completed further studies in ceramics at the Illawarra Institute of Technology. Slavica has been a tutor in art of children and young adults for 20 years holding weekly and holiday programs and has directed with specialised workshops and under the gifted & talented programme.

Slavica has been exhibiting for over 30 years in both solo and group shows and has been a finalist in the Jacques Cadry Award and more recently in the Blake Prize in 2011 and 2013. Dr Sasha Grishin nominated her for the Sovereign Art Prize Hong Kong in 2009.

Combining her love of travel Slavica has volunteered and instigated several art projects while volunteering aboard, and has undertaken a residency at the Centre De Art I Naturea De Pallars Spain.

Her work has been involved in several art exchange project including “Project Belgium De Abbaye Brussels and the Vario Print exchange exhibiting in Wales, Honolulu and various local venues.

Through various techniques she explores the relationship of identity within her own sense of journey and the role of spirituality which shapes it. This is explored through symbolic narrative that gathers and creates sacred representation to seek connection to the world.

Slavica is represented in public and private galleries