Linda Bottari

Linda BottariI come from a large Italian family of commercial printers. I grew up watching my uncles set type, print on a Miele Vertical letterpress and later on 4c offset presses. To me all aspects of the reproduction process were fascinating.

These early influences slowly grew into my interest in hand made prints. It was only after a career in commercial printing and publishing that I was able to devote time to my personal interest in printmaking.

For the past 5 years I have enjoyed exploring various printing techniques as well as combining techniques. I use collograph with linocuts and linocuts with waterless lithography. I also create texture using an assortment of techniques.

My images come from the natural landscape of the Southern Highlands and from places I have visited overseas. Of particular interest are the Etruscan and Umbrian votives and ironwork and the early Christian stone decoration.