Basil Hall

Basil Hall

Basil HallBasil Hall has been working as a printer for other artists since his first collaborations with glass artist, Klaus Moje, in 1983.

He trained at the ANU, teaching for a number of years in Moss Vale and Bowral before returning to the national capital to do a BA at the Canberra School of Art under Jorg Schmeisser.

From 1987-1995 he ran Studio One National Print Workshop in Canberra, an access and editioning facility. Here he and his team worked with scores of artists such as Schmeisser, Mandy Martin, Garry Shead, Rosalie Gascoigne, George Gittoes, Judy Watson and Raymond Arnold.

In 1995 he received a Churchill Fellowship to study at printmaking studios in Europe and USA.

From 1996 until 2001, he was Printmaking Lecturer at the Charles Darwin University, NT and Editioning Manager of Northern Editions. In 2002, he started Basil Hall Editions. He and his printers made several thousand editions with hundreds of artists from over 55 Art Centres in Central Australia, Arnhem Land, the Tiwi Islands and Kimberley area of Western Australia and travelled regularly to remote aboriginal communities and other locations in Australia and overseas to instigate and collaborate on printmaking projects.

Basil is now based in Braidwood, NSW, and continues to print for artists. He runs around a dozen workshops a year from his studios in Braidwood and Canberra, Australia-wide and on Skopelos in Greece.


Basil Hall